Sagittarius traits | Blogtober 16 Day 18

Welcome back to Blogtober, today’s question is about what my zodiac sign is and whether I fit the bill for it.

The logical side of me has never believed in astrology but I do quite enjoy reading my horoscope, I do find it quite fun. Although it is just a bit of fun to me.

My birthday is December 3rd, making me a Sagittarius.

/>Typical likes of a Sagittarius:

  • Freedom (yes well who doesn’t)
  • Travel (yes, well I love the idea of travel, I don’t really get the chance to these day)
  • Philosophy (nope, not really, I had to do a module at university called Key Ideas in Philosophy and I hated it)
  • Being outdoors (love love love being outdoors, going to walks, going for runs, sitting in the garden)

Typical dislikes of a Sagittarius:

  • Clingy people (well yeah, but it is always feeling loved I suppose)
  • Being constrained (I guess)
  • Off-the-wall theories (I don’t know about off-the-wall, but I hate when people are theories that are so obviously wrong about things that are proven, so when people have completely do dar theories about science)
  • Details (nope, I’m actually really detail orientated)


  • Generous (I would love to say I am generous, and I think in many ways I am, I will do anything for people I care about but I am crap at giving money to charity and things like that, it is something I would like to improve about myself)
  • Idealistic (I agree with this, I would say I always aim for perfection in everything I do, I don’t necessarily achieve it but I always strive to. I love planning things out in meticulous detail to make it as close to ideal as possible)
  • Great sense of humour (well I think I’m funny!)


  • Promises more can deliver (possibly, I am eager to please and I certainly aim to never over promise)
  • Very impatient (I can be, I will admit)
  • Will say anything no matter how undiplomatic (no, not that I am aware of anyway!)


So there we go, I don’t think I am particularly ‘such a typical Sagittarius’ but there are some good strengths and likes to aspire to there so I’m going to embrace my inner Archer!



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    Ivan Jordon October 28, 2016 (9:20 am)

    I read on the wikipedia that your best match is the people under zodiac Libra. Your opinion about these.

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      Emma November 2, 2016 (10:37 pm)

      I can’t say much about that, what I do know my is partner is a Scorpio and I am pretty sure we are very well matched

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